LInDa has been developed to be the inspection and control system of various smart home products, which uses the in-house developed UBIP (Universal Building Information Protocol) for communication. Please check out the learn more page for a summary of the system.

However the key to the solution is that we continuously develop and test the protocol, as well as the native mobile clients, but individual device manufacturers can implement it free of charge for their own systems.

Why use UBIP / LInDa as a manufacturer?

  • The fastest TTM (time to market), since only the server side needs to be implemented
  • The best ROI (return on investment), since you can concentrate on the core-product, the design of the server-mobile communication and maintenance of the app is our task.
  • Negligible amount of support and development tasks, since we do most of them
  • Opportunity to have input on the development roadmap of the protocol, thus any product specific function becomes supported
  • Opportunity of acquiring new users

Why is it great for users?

  • Single application, using unified access interface and functions
  • Continuous updates, support of new mobile versions
  • New features and services with tailored roadmap
  • Cheaper procurement and maintenance (no multiple costs)

LInDa Smart Home Router driver

If you do not have the option to install the entire system or want to make your product supported widely, you can also create your own driver for the LInDa Smart Home Router. This will allow users to connect their systems to your devices by accessing the usual interface and features.

Should you have any question regarding the above, or you wish to use UBIP / LInDa for your products, then please get in touch with us via email: