Smart Home at your fingertips!

LInDa is a monitoring and controlling system that has been developed for smart home systems, which puts secure and modern data communication in focus only. It's server side protocol is open, therefore it can be integrated by any manufacturer, but we offer a reference implementation called Smart Home Router.

Smart Home Physical Setup

The fundamental concept of LInDa is abstracting out the display and interaction methods of smart home systems, so that these functions do not depend on the type of hardware (the smart home system owned) in use. Instead all of these functions are available through an integrated solution. The need for this solution is that manufacturers are unable to support all available devices and systems, so many incompatible devices might be required, but these devices should be managed uniformly from one place.

It was required as well that the communication of the mobile app to be in line with the expectations of the modern age, and to offer the most comprehensive security to the user; thats why the app has two-level encryption method. Because of this, you can safely use any automation solution over the Internet that would not normally be suitable for secure communication (e.g. Modbus).

LInDa mobile client LInDa Smart Home Router
  • Native Android and iOS client
  • Multiple server management
  • Building/Floor/Room organisation
  • Topology caching
  • Secure data transmission
  • Optional encrypted password storage
  • "On/Off" type datapoint for toggle switches
  • "Value" type datapoint for setting values
  • "Button" type datapoint for one-shot functions
  • Customisable datapoint icons
  • Customisable display of datapoint values
  • Free to use up to 10 datapoints
  • SOHO router Hardware and Software
  • Full support of UBIP
  • Web based, responsive operation
  • Users and permissions
  • Visual topology editing
  • Built-in icon library
  • Dashboard for quick overview
  • Native support of ModbusTCP
  • Expandable set of communication drivers
  • IP and NTP configurability
  • Making and restore of backups
  • Firmware upgradability

UBIP (Universal Building Information Protocol) supported by the systems, was designed in such a way that every function (connection point, data, adjustable value) represents a datapoint. Datapoints can be organised hierarchically in building, floor and room directories, which makes up the topology.

UBIP Topology Illustration

The mobile client includes the latest version of UBIP that is complete and fully tested. We provide on-going support for users, and we continuously develop the system according to expectations.

Our future goal is to enable the system to connect with more devices of various make, therefore beside the current control functions (lighting, HVAC, jalousies, LED strips) we think of solutions for anything that is related to buildings or flats (alarm system, multimedia, IP camera, etc).

If your company is a smart home device producer, then please look at our page aimed at manufacturers on the benefits of integrating LInDa!

Should you have any question regarding the above, or you wish to use/purchase the system, then please get in touch with your contractor or contact us directly via email: